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    • May 29, 2019
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    • introductory questions. IELTS speaking Speaking Exam

    IELTS Exam is divided in 4 modules namely(Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing)

    In this blog ,we shall elaborate on Speaking module. It majorly has 3 parts[Part1 ,Part2 and Part3]

    The Speaking module lasts up to 18-20 minutes. It is one –on- one session where examiner gauges candidate on few parameters .Not only this module is for shortest duration but also it is considered to be the most scoring among candidates.

    The initial part of speaking test primarily consist of 5 introductory questions which  are:

     1 .What is your name?

    Always mention your complete name as in which is mentioned on your passport. Avoid using short sentences .To take an example [Not just answer the name rather say the complete sentence ]

    1. What can I call you?

    In this examiner is asking you to provide them with your real name. Avoid mentioning your nick name .

    1. Where are you from?

    Here, examiner wants to know about your city/state name .Ensure you pronounce it correctly.

    For instance use English names specifically for naming your town.

    1. Put your identity?

    When examiner ask your identity, they are requesting you to show your passport. Always say here you are or here it is while exhibiting your passport.

    5.Do you work or student?

    Inform your current status to the examiner .Make sure here examiner is interested to know about your current status. Therefore you must give the correct information as student /work.

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