• Introduction To Wedding Vocabulary

    • April 23, 2019
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    Marriage is a commitment of two people to one another and to each other’s family, bonded by holy matrimony. When a couple plans to marry, they think of raising a family together, dedicating their life to each other.

    In this video  you will learn some important words related to marriage concept. This video is the part of series related to marriage theme. Many people speak “doli डोली word as it is, while speaking in English. similarly there is a word “Pandaal पंडाल” which is still pending to learn by many people. The word “joru ka gulam जोरू का गुलाम” is also has the english translation.

    This video not only teaches vocabulary but also the sentences for the daily conversation.

    1.Marriage Sacraments-Marriage Sacraments are different in different countries.

    2.Palanquin- Brothers of bride are carrying palanquin.

    3.Marquee- I went to a wedding party and the marquee was very much decorated.

    4.Resident son- in-law- He is resident son-in-law.

    5. Henpecked husband-He is henpecked husband and all the time he is busy in household chores.

    In India marriage ceremony is performed in the following way.

    Firstly, the bride’s parents welcome the bridegroom and his family at the boundary of the venue where the wedding takes place. Vermilion mark is applied to their forehead. Members from both families are formally introduced, marking the start of relationship between two families. There symbolic exchange of gifts, particularly clothes and ornaments takes place. The bride and groom both sit in chairs on beautifully decorated stage where they exchange garlands.

    When the feast is over then bridegroom and bride are brought to a specially decorated altar and the sacred fire is lit. In the meantime, priest recites the holy spells. Oblations are also offered to the holy fire whilst saying the prayers.

    Then begins the ceremony of vows. This is the main and the legal part of the ceremony. Nuptial knot is tied. The couple walks seven rounds around the holy fire reciting a prayer at each circle. They both exchange seven vows of marriage. The first for food, the second for strength, the third for prosperity, the fourth for wisdom, the fifth for progeny, the sixth for health and the seventh for friendship. The groom’s mother gives an auspicious necklace to the bride. It is the emblem of marital status for a hindu women. Groom puts this necklace to the neck of bride and applies vermilion in her hair parting.

    The couple is blessed by the elders and the priest for a long and prosperous married life. That is how the Indian marriage is performed and completed.


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