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    • May 27, 2019
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    Do you know how many alphabets are there in English? sounds simple?

    You must have heard of an alphabet, a letter and a word but I doubt that you know the right meaning of all these. Today, you will learn what do they really mean but before that I want you to answer a question. The question is that how many alphabets are there in English?

    Did you say 26? If yes then your answer is wrong. The right answer is 1. Yes! It’s one! There is only one alphabet in which there are 26 letters and combination of these letters is called a word. A wee bit confusing? Lemme spell it out to make things clear.

    ALPHABET: – From A to Z all the letters together are called alphabet.

    WORD: – Combination of letters in a word. Literally anything that has letters combined is a word  For example, India, cricket and name. All these are words.

    LETTER:- Let’s take the above example now. In the word “INDIA” there are 5 letter that are I,N,D,I,A.

    In short, the thing that you have been calling an “alphabet” your whole life is actually a “letter” and the letters from A to Z together are called the “ALPHABET”

    The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters.

    I hope this information was of help and now you know something that most people don’t. More of these things will be brought to you in the future. Till then, keep learning.

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