Common Mistakes People Make in Task 1

  • Common Mistakes People Make in Task 1

    • February 25, 2019
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    1. Read the question properly

    Read the question calmly and make sure you understand the information properly. Highlight or underline (data) the most important information then start writing.

    2. Run out of time

    Students often use a lot more than 20 minutes for task 1 and therefore, they end up having less time for task 2. Split your 20 minutes into 4 different and distinct paragraphs by giving 5 minutes each and sick to this rule.

    3. Do not forget to write the feature of the graph/chart

    Once you finish your introductory paragraph, write the striking feature of the graph/chart. Striking feature maybe any extreme figure or data of any given category that are shown in charts and diagrams without adding your own comments. For instance, do not write sentences that start with – I think that, I believe that, it’s obvious that, I would suggest.

    4. Misinterpretation

    Students should avoid describing data too precisely. For example- if you look at the figures for categories in the graph, it would be better to use words such as approximately, around just below, just above etc. because we cannot know the exact figures by just looking at the graph.

    5. Writing overview

    One must write an overview which means a short paragraph that gives the summary of the information and not the conclusion. Writing overview is the most important thing which you cannot afford to skip. It will improve your band score in writing task.

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